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FITNESS CLASSES : $30 drop-in or 10 classes for $270

MONDAYS 9:30am : 

Strong & Fit  - a strength and conditioning circuit style class using free weights, kettlebells, bands, swiss balls and body weight exercises.

TUESDAYS 6:00pm & SATURDAYS 9:00am :

Stretch Your Stress Away - this low intensity, low impact class is focused on stretching, mobility, breathing and releasing tension to allow better flow of energy, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve posture and flexibility.

THURSDAYS 6:00pm & SATURDAYS 8:00am :

Core & Posture - A strength and stability class focused on improving core function, core strength and posture to improve movement ability, athleticism and decrease risk of injury.


1 hour sessions : $27.00 

Small group - Reservations recommended

Mondays - 6:00 pm Strength & Balance

Wednesdays - 9:30 am Morning Wake up with gentle poses

Wednesdays - 11:00 am Strength & Balance

Fridays - 6:00 pm End of the Week Wind Down


Symptoms Solutions - TUESDAYS 7pm January 16th-March 5th.  Learn the foundations of healthy living and simple habits and strategies to reduce your aches and pains, lose weight, sleep like a baby again, and get your energy back!  $320.00

Holistic Heart Health - Date tbd.  A 60 minute information session on heart health from a holistic and bio-physics perspective.

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy - Date tbd.  A 90 minute information session that covers the foundations of healthy living.

A Natural Approach to Arthritis - Date tbd.

Start any class at any time!  You can mix 'n match classes too!

Instructors :

Ashley Howatt, BSc.H.Kinetics, Certified CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach.

Renee Thibodeau, RYT Hatha Style Yoga

Find out more about Ashley & Renee here:

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