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RMT since 2001

I find anatomy and how the body functions very fascinating, so I use that keen interest towards helping my clients.  Having an old low back injury and migraines myselfso I particularly enjoy helping those with low back pain, jaw(TMJ) and neck disorders.  My additional training in ultrasound, laser therapy & joint mobilizations lets me do this.  I truly believe that our physical well-being and emotional well-being are directly connected.  So if I can help reduce your stress, it will in-turn restore your physical function to reduce pain and vice versa.  I look forward to helping you find the right balance.   Together we can build a treatment plan that's specific to whatever suits you best!



RMT since 2016

I graduated from my massage therapy program in 2016 with Honours.  I like to integrate deep tissue techniques into my treatments, in order to achieve a therapeutic benefit but also to maintain a level of relaxation to encourage whole body wellness.  I particularly enjoy helping those with neck disorders, but I can add in other specific areas that will  work best for you.  I look forward to helping you on your wellness journey!



RMT since 2021

I graduated from Massage Therapy in 2020 with honors. During my first year as an RMT, I worked with a variety of clients in a multidisciplinary clinic which enabled me to treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries. During my final year at Algonquin college I travelled with the varsity sports teams, treating and taping the athletes. I enjoy focusing on relaxation but also treating many other conditions. I believe that massage therapy can help you live a healthier life and I want to help you obtain your wellness goals!



Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master

I've always loved learning about mind and body health and completed my Master's degree in Science in Education in University (English & Child Development) .  I focused on Crisis Intervention and Counselling in the Social Services and have always been drawn to helping others.  As a retired competitive athlete, Reiki Master and lover of science & sound, I use my passion and knowledge of nature, music and holistic health to support and empower my clients to find peace, restoration and harmony in their mind, body and soul.  My intended purpose is to help my clients make a lasting and positive change so they can live a more purposeful life.

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