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Detoxify your body and relax your mind!


Infrared heat works by warming your body directly, from the inside out, without having to heat the air inside the sauna. Breathing is easier and healthier because the air temperature is not heated to the same degree as other types of saunas. The infrared heat penetrates deeply into your body to relax sore muscles and help alleviate pain.  Detoxify your body and relax your mind at the same time!


  • Reduce Chronic Pain and Inflammation

  •  Ease symptoms of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Spasms, Joint Pain, etc.

  • Release Tension and Stress

  • Boost Immune Function

  • Improve Sleep and Overall Well-being

  • Increase Lymphatic Circulation

  • Enhance skin tone

  • And many more....


Package 1  $30.00   - 30 Minutes

Package 2  $58.00   - 2 x 30 Minutes

Package 3  $140.00 - 5 x 30 Minutes

All sessions include a 10 min. preheat time.

*All fees are subject to HST.

BOOK by phone/text or email.

Safety Instructions are posted on site beside the sauna, however it's important to consult with your Physician if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions that may inhibit you from using an infrared sauna.

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