Relieve Pain - Reduce Stress

Sports massage on leg


Deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues using moderate to deep pressure.  This treatment can make an enormous difference to your physical function and mobility.  Sports massage can be done pre, during or post-event.  It prepares the athletes body for maximum output, prevents injury and drains lactic acid build up.

Back Massage


This treatment leaves clients feeling relaxed and renewed.  The primary purpose of a relaxation massage is to help you relax using techniques at a slower pace with lighter pressure. With a relaxation massage there is less emphasis on working out knots and more on resetting your pararsympathethic nervous system to decrease stress and tension.



Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying pressure to specific points in the feet.  These specific points are connected to different organs and systems throughout your entire body.  It helps manage many common ailments such as musculoskeletal pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress, hormonal and digestive issues to name a few.



This can be used on its own or in conjunction with massage. Our ultrasound machine uses a deep penetrating heat to loosen tissue, promote circulation & reduce pain.  It will make your massage more effective especially when used on trigger points, tendons and ligaments.

Child Physiotherapy


Specialized tape is used to add additional support to joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.  This prevents further injury and reduces pain.

Laser Treatment


This can be used in conjunction with massage therapy or on its own.  Laser therapy speeds healing, reduces pain & inflammation, improves lymph function and decreases edema. This is a completely safe, pain-free, non invasive procedure with no side effects and no radiation.



Joints can be mobilized if they aren't functioning properly.  When properly administered, these techniques will increase synovial fluid to the joint and decrease pain.  When combined with massage therapy to the muscles, tendons and ligaments, joint mobilizations can improve range of motion and prevent further restrictions within the joint itself.

Pressure Point Massage


This therapy involves decreasing trigger points (knots) in your muscles that may cause local pain or referred pain to other parts of your body. It can be an uncomfortable treatment, but your massage therapist will work within your pain tolerance.

Physical Therapy Session


Stretching and strengthening exercises are given to each client after treatment to help them improve function, range of motion, and flexibility.  This will create a better balance between tight and weak areas of the body. These exercises can be performed at home in between massage treatments for best results.

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Pregnancy massage shares many of the benefits and techniques of a regular relaxation massage. Your RMT, who is trained in treating pregnant clients, will adjust their techniques, their pressure, and your position based on your concerns and complaints. This massage is focused on discomforts associated with first, second and third trimesters.

Sleeping Baby


 Infants benefit profoundly from massage therapy.  Light touch techniques can reduce colic, improve sleep, stimulate digestion and create wonderful bonding between mom and baby.

Yoga at Home


Yoga is a beautiful way to work on your alignment and learn relaxation techniques, while building strength & flexibility.  Sarah teaches 'Yoga in the Park' on Thursday evenings, right here in Battersea!  Contact Us for more details!